AltaiGear™ hiking in Korea (VTL). Records of climbing Samaksan Mountain in Chuncheon, Korea.

The hiking trail in November with AltaiGear™ is...

A mountain in Seomyeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea.

It's Samaksan Mountain.

Entrance of Deungseon Ticket Office - Deungseon Falls - Baengnyeon Falls - Biryong Falls - Heungguksa Temple - summit of Samaksan Mountain (Yonghwabong Peak) - Return to square one

Samaksan Mountain hiking course

Hiking course map

Samaksan Mountain is one of the mountains that many hikers visit because of its beautiful scenery and unique rock formations. The height is 655.82m, and the main peak is Yonghwabong Peak.


There are two main hiking courses in Samaksan Mountain. One is a departure course at the entrance of the ticket office recommended for beginners in hiking and the other one is a departure course at Uiam Ticket Office with a good view from the beginning. We chose a course that departs from the entrance of the ticket office and returns.​


Entrance of Deungseon Falls


If you turn off your ticket at the entrance of the ticket office of Deungseon Falls, you will see Deungseon Falls right away.


+ Tip: You have to pay 2,000 won at the entrance of the light ticket office. However, you can use it as a discount coupon at a nearby restaurant! Don't forget to use it on the same day.

From the beginning of the Samaksan Mountain hiking trail, beautiful cliffs and strange rocks catch the eye.

It is a 10-meter-high waterfall in the canyon at the entrance of Samaksan Mountain. Many people take commemorative photos here and start hiking in earnest through the stairs on the right.


Deungseon Falls has 2nd and 3rd waterfalls in addition to the 15m high waterfall, and other large and small waterfalls such as Deungseon Falls, Biseon Falls, Seunghak Falls, Baengnyeon Falls, and Jureum Falls continue.


Autumn leaves in Samaksan Mountain


As it is the maple season, there were many pretty maple points everywhere. Samaksan Mountain is not known as a maple attraction like Naejangsan Mountain and Seoraksan Mountain, but if you come during the maple season, you can still see maple trees everywhere.

​ After passing Deungseon Falls and other waterfalls, a full-fledged hike begins.

About 0.8km up from Deungseon Falls, and it is said that 2.1km is left to the top of Yonghwabong Peak.

​ It is 333 stairs that are notorious for having a hard time to death. (A.K.A Kkalttakgogae in Korea) . If you pass this section, it will be easier. Let's cheer up and go up.



​ Common sense of hiking +1.

Wait a minute!

What kind of hiking shoes should we wear?

AltaiGear™ MFH2-200ZS

​Samaksan Mountain has a lot of metamorphic rocks created by the high temperature and pressure of the deposited sandstones, and the mountain is rugged, so it is essential to wear durable hiking boots.


This Samaksan hiking was accompanied by MFH200-ZS, AltaiGear™ mountain climbing boots with zippers, which it was light and strong, so it was very good for hiking for one day hiking.

Safety-focused Vibram outsole


AltaiGear™ is made of materials that have long been trusted by consumers, such as Vibram Outsole and YKK Zipper, centering on the new material Super Fabric developed in the United States.

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