Labrador Nature Coastal Walk

If you don’t feel fit enough to take on the regular hiking routes around Singapore,
this shaded walk through the Labrador Nature Reserve on flat terrain is an ideal start for you.

At around 2km, this route is scenic, accessible, and beginner-friendly.labrador-trek-mapLabrador-Coastal-Hike-1Labrador-Coastal-Hike-2

Right outside Labrador MRT is the mouth of Berlayer Creek where there is a wooden pavilion rest point.
You can go up to its roof to catch a view of the mangrove creek that you’re about to enter.
On your way down from the pavilion roof, you can also peek over the hedges to catch a glimpse of a mini golf course on the other side.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-4
Leading out from the wooden pavilion is an 800m boardwalk into the creek.
It may seem like you’re entering a dark tunnel but that’s just because the path is sheltered by lots of trees on either side.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-5
At low tides, you can see the exposed roots of the mangrove trees.
Please remember to apply lots of insect repellent as you’ll be walking through an 800m mosquito lair!
That said, the air is really fresh!Labrador-Coastal-Hike-6
There’re buoys along the boardwalk just in case someone falls into the water at high tide.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-7
If you get tired or simply want to sit and chat with your hiking pal, there’re multiple rest points like this along the creek.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-8
There’re lots of wild animals here but you’ll have to be patient and trace their sounds to get a glimpse of where they’re hiding.
Be prepared to play hide and seek with squirrels around a tree trunk!Labrador-Coastal-Hike-9
At the end junction of the boardwalk, you’ll be greeted with a sweeping view of Keppel Bay and Sentosa Island.
If you choose to continue following the boardwalk, it’ll take you to Keppel Island where all the yachts are anchored.
To continue on to Labrador Park, you’ll have to take a right turn here.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-10
On your way to the next corner, you’ll spot a replica of the Dragon’s Teeth Gate.
The original rocky outcrop in the 1800s used to serve as a navigational landmark for ships coming into the bay.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-11
When you see the brick red Berlayer Point Lighthouse, you’re at the coast and edge of Labrador Park.
It’s only half a kilometre more to the other end of the park!Labrador-Coastal-Hike-12
As you walk around the area, you’ll spot some world war two artefacts like this gun emplacement.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-13
If you’re thinking of adding your name to the wall like Johnny did, you’ll be disappointed because the gate to the inside is locked ☹Labrador-Coastal-Hike-14
Labrador Park is a great place to go for an evening jog if you live nearby.Labrador-Coastal-Hike-15
You can also try to befriend the local chickens! They’re less shy if you have food!Labrador-Coastal-Hike-16
Once you reach the end of the park, reward yourself with a view of the coastal sunset!
While the park itself is well lit, the fishing jetty ahead can get very dark once the sun completely sets.
It’s a good idea to walk with your phone’s flashlight on if you want to go there for night fishing!
This short trek may be simple to the seasoned hiker, but if you’re just starting out on your journey to
better health and stamina, this Labrador route is an excellent beginning!

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