The flagship model of ALTAI® boots (MFT100) was designed in direct collaboration with local Law Enforcement professionals in the State of Minnesota.Before we made the difference, we made the decision to listen. We listened to what matters most in those moments when you need it the most. Revealed through your insights were the compelling opportunities that existed in the market, where others have fallen short. Leveraging research and technology alongside superior innovations, such as proprietary, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material, ALTAI® boasts a revolutionary line of boots that are extremely comfortable, remarkably lightweight, and downright durable.


Made with SuperFabric®

Patented SuperFabric® in ALTAI® shoes.Guaranteed superior performance.
ALTAI® shoes are made with our patented SuperFabric® for superior performance.

SuperFabric® is created by infusing tiny but tough guard plates into a piece of fabric. The small gaps between these guard plates allow the fabric to remain flexible. This armour-grade toughness coupled with flexibility and an array of colours and patterns has set SuperFabric® apart from its competitors in material science.

Effective Protection

SuperFabric® is specially designed for anything from extreme applications to rugged daily use. Military apparel, mountaineering gear and rugged back packs are just a few of the numerous applications of SuperFabric®.

Stain Resistance and Water Repellence

The guard plates on SuperFabric® are highly resistant to stains such as mud and dirt. The base fabric is also treated with quality water repellent. As a result, SuperFabric® is a material that is very easy to clean and water resistant.


The small gaps between the guard plates on SuperFabric® allow a healthy circulation of air through the material for maximum breathability. This is an important quality to have in footwear, especially for prolonged and rigorous outdoor use.


SuperFabric® is also a very lightweight material that allows for flexible fitting.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric® is able to dry 10 times quicker than untreated leather.