How to choose hiking shoes - Mid Cut or Low Cut

Ever browsed for trail walking and hiking shoes and wonder why there are mid cut and low cut ones?


Low cut ALTAI® Black Hiking Shoes (top) Mid cut ALTAI® Black Waterproof Hiking Boots with Zipper (bottom)

Low Cut Trail Walking Shoes

In hot and sunny Singapore where people are practical about the clothing they wear, low cut trail walking shoes are favoured over mid cut ones because they give better wind exposure around the ankles as a cooling mechanism. If you’re going for a simple walk in the park where the terrain is forgiving and relatively flat, low cut trail walking and hiking shoes are the way to go as they give you more flexibility and speed. The low cut sleek look of our ALTAI® Hiking Shoes also mean that they can be worn as casual wear to work and daily activities.

- Speedy on flat and forgiving terrain
- Better wind exposure around ankles for hot weather
- Suitable for multipupose wear - light trail walking, work, casual etc.

- Little ankle support
- Unsuitable for rough wilderness terrain

Mid Cut Hiking Shoes

If you’re going on a proper hike out in the wilderness and mountains where the terrain is rocky, uneven and rough, a pair of mid cut hiking shoes would be a better choice because they provide good ankle support. Getting a pair with a speed lacing system and side zipper would be ideal because you can just unzip and kick off your shoes after a long and tiring hike. Our mid cut ALTAI® Hiking Boots are also able to insulate you against the cold if you’re hiking in frosty environments.

- Sturdy ankle support to minimise sprains
- Able to take the punishment of hiking through rough and uneven terrain
- Suitable for multipupose wear - light trail walking, work, casual etc.
- Able to keep your feet warm in cold environments

- Not as flexible as low cut shoes
- Some people may find it too hot and humid for everyday wear in tropical countries like Singapore

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