How to break-in boots at home?

Even if you find the perfect boot size for hiking or trekking, here are some things to do at home to prepare for the upcoming outdoor adventure to prevent the formation of blisters or at least reduce the chance of its formation.

1. Wear Boots At Home

Gradually increase the time spent in your new boots during the day; start from half an hour to 3 hours in a few weeks. All the while, adjust and pay attention to small details that could become large issues when you are on a long-distance hike. 

2. Comfortable Lacing

Undo your standard lacing down to where the top of your foot meets your ankle. Determine which two sets of eyelets match up with this spot and cross the laces over, skip some eyelets if you feel they are too tight or wrap each lace around the other twice before securing the tension with the next set of eyelets as loose lacing can lead to heel-slip and causing blisters.

If you are troubled by the lacing every time you wear the boots, our boots come with side zipper and you can just zip up and go.

3. Wear Thicker-Cushioned Socks

The bulky socks warm up your feet, help mold the top of the boots to the shape of your feet, and minimize friction when walking.

Wear thicker socks with extra padding at the heel and are able to absorb sweat to alleviate sweaty feet when hiking or trekking.

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